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Final Festival

I am really sad to say that the Legacy Festival 2021 was our last event 😥 there are lots of reasons that we can`t do it again, it has just become too much for our small committee.
Lloyd`s Legacy will continue to raise funds for people in other ways but I want to say Thank you to everyone for your wonderful support over the last 6 years ❤

Money raised for Braintrust

Myself, Matt and Amy and everyone who helped make the Legacy Festival happen are pleased to announce that we made £7,160.48p this year bringing the total raised for brainstrust in the 6 years we ran it to... FORTY THOUSAND POUNDS! 😮Thank you so much to everyone who has been so kind and supported us ❤🙏❤

Legacy Festival 2021

After lots of deliberations and planning we are confident that we can provide a safe event to celebrate FREEDOM! Despite restrictions ending we will still have screens, sanitiser and the choice to socially distance if you want with 2 areas in front of the stage for those who want to keep apart and those who are happy to mingle. We will not be doing table service from the bar and you will be able to DANCE!
Now we just need you to buy tickets


The recently announced government `pathway to normality` has brought many early announcements of upcoming festivals this summer, although this is really great news and very encouraging for the industry and little charity festivals like ours, there is still a lot of planning to do.
We WANT to produce the Legacy Festival for you this year and our volunteers are, as we speak, working through the various scenarios so we can safely go ahead. But! we need to get it right, rather than just saying `it`s on` and then constantly move the goal posts as the situation changes over the next few months.
There is an awful lot of planning ahead before we get a clearer picture of what we will be able to do this year, will we have restrictions on numers, will we have the infrastructure in place, will we have to provide testing facilities, will we have to take into account physical distancing? etc etc There are many questions we need to answer and we are working with the licensing team and the Safety Advisory Group to get a clearer picture, there are a few months of hard work ahead of us.
Hopefully the Legacy Festival this year will be its normal self but we are not going to `jump the gun`, we want to make sure that we have all the information and necessary plans in place to ensure a safe and fun festival before we start selling tickets.
Please bear with us while we work towards (*everything crossed*) a fantastic Legacy Festival 2021 x x x

Legacy Festival 2020 cancelled.

It is with huge regret that we are going to have to cancel the Legacy Festival 2020 ;(

We have been working really hard to make it happen within the guidelines but with the government putting back the review by a week and the uncertainty of what the guidelines actually are it has made it impossible.

We would like to thank every one of you for supporting us and brainstrust and are already working on 2021. Should you wish to help us continue our fundraising please visit to make a donation to brainstrust

update 14 May

As several other festivals have recently cancelled or postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we thought we should update you on our own Legacy Festival plans.

First and foremost, the health & safety of our artists, audience, staff & suppliers must come first. Our Festival can only go-ahead in July if, by then, it’s felt safe for it to do so.

At present, no mass gatherings are allowed anywhere in the UK due to Government restrictions. None of us yet know when those restrictions may be lifted and in what way.

Our view is that if Government restrictions are relaxed in time, our Festival will go-ahead in July as planned. If Government restrictions are not relaxed in time, our Festival will be postponed to 20th-22nd July 2021.

We want to keep the option of staging this year’s Festival open for as long as we possibly can. So much has changed in the past few weeks. No-one knows where we’ll be in 10 weeks time. If we can go-ahead in July we will with contingency plans in place to help ensure public safety.

If the peak of the pandemic has passed and it’s felt safe for people to leave their houses and enjoy the great outdoors again by July, we’re sure many people will be keen to do so. That said, we recognise there may be other people unwilling or unable to do so.

If the Legacy Festival does go-ahead in July we will allow anyone unable to attend the option of rolling-over your tickets to next year at no extra cost.
If our Festival does not go-ahead all ticket-holders will be able to roll-over tickets to 2021. Refunds will also be available to those unable to attend our 2021 dates (20th-22nd July 2021).

The Legacy Festival is run on a voluntary ‘not-for-profit’ basis with a shorter ‘build’ period than many bigger festivals. The local licensing authority are content for us to adopt a ‘wait & see’ policy as the situation develops

For all these reasons we can afford to wait for several weeks before taking a final decision on whether this year’s Festival can go-ahead as planned.

We expect the Government to indicate if some restrictions may start to be relaxed soon after the Bank Holiday weekend of May 8th-11th. We will update our Covid-19 advice to you then. We don’t expect any relaxation of the restrictions on public events until some weeks later. We will keep alive the hope of staging this year’s Festival for as long as we can but will have to take a final decision by 1st July at the very latest.

We hope this information is helpful to you. We will update it if anything changes. If you have any queries do please email us via and we’ll try to help.

Finally, may we thank you for your continued support at a very difficult & worrying time for all of us. While Government lockdown restrictions remain in place, please stick to them. Stay safe. We look forward to seeing you again at The Legacy Festival be it this July or in a year’s time.

With best wishes,
The Legacy Festival Team

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Following current Government advice about Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are planning on running the Legacy Festival as scheduled.

We are monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation carefully and regularly, and following advice and guidelines set by Government.

The health and safety of our visitors, artists and partners at our festivals is our number one priority.

We ask our visitors, producers and artists to refer to the guidelines and protocols as suggested by the World Health Organization, and UK public health authorities regarding the virus and follow advice.

We are following local and national public health closely. Dependent on national health guidelines, measures typically include:

• Public health messaging displayed and shared pre and during major events
• Strengthened hygiene, sanitisation and availability of disinfectants

If there are any changes to the current recommendations from the WHO or the Government, we will review and react to their instructions promptly.

• Our festival is 100% outdoors
• Our typical crowd density figures are less than 0.5 people per square metre
• The time to serve from all our vendors is less than 15minutes
• Our festival is not classified as a “major event”


Today Amy and Lyndsey handed over a cheque for £6,413.39 to Helen Bulbeck, the wonderful creator of brainstrust
£6,413.39 raised in 2019

Dan Lewis Stage

Dan Lewis Stage is up, ready for the first act...
Dan Lewis Stage

Bar marquee is up. In a few days it`s all happening!
Still no tickets?
Get them here now before they run out!
Legacy Festival - Get your tickets here now before they run out!

This is where your money goes...

Hi Lyndsey, so here are some numbers for you. In 2018, we had 21 referrals to the counselling service, and we have eight counsellors across the UK. I`ve also attached below some feedback we had from someone who has used the counselling service, showing the positive impact the service has had. As well as this, Lloyd`s Legacy has helped brainstrust to support 739 people living with a brain tumour since April 2018, more patients than we have ever supported before. I hope these numbers are useful, and also show you what an incredible impact Lloyd`s Legacy is having for some of our patients and their loved ones. All of your efforts and hard work really make such a difference Lyndsey, and for that, I can`t thank you enough. Best wishes, Ryan
(Ryan Judson Community Fundraiser)


We have an excellent line up planned for 2019
so far confirmed are
the Modules
Davey Jones` Locker
Hattie Jacques Play List
Too Much 2Tone
Broken Links
Our Propaganda

the Modules

Very pleased to announce the Modules will be joining us next year
the Modules

Legacy Festival: 2017 Highlights

Legacy Festival to return to Highbridge Farm Eastleigh

news item in the Daily Echo

News Item in the Daily Echo

New bands confirmed!

Check out the festival info for the latest addition to our family! And get your tickets now!

Dans funeral tribute

For anyone that missed the tribute to Dan today xxx

more confirmed bands!

saturday: Unhinged, New Age, Blink Daze
Sunday: So it Goes

get your tickets here!

Dan Lewis 10/03/77 - 11/01/2018

So sad, the bravest man I know, RIP Dan. My thoughts are with everyone who Loved you x x x
Dan Lewis 10/03/77 - 11/01/2018
As a mark of respect for everything my dear friend Dan Lewis has done for the brain tumour community we will be dedicating the Legacy Festival acoustic stage to his memory.

Advance ticket sales have now opened!

First bands for 2018 confirmed!

Happy New Year to all our supporters and friends :D

We are pleased to announce that our favourite Ska band: Ska Dogs will be joining us again for 2018, on Friday Night `Ska Night` 20th July also Dj`s Pete `Lammy` Bullen and Malcolm Heath will be with us all day.

`The General`, our resident DJ, will be supporting the bands throughout the day and closing the event on Saturday night.

Sunday the 22nd July we have Lauren and Jamie and closing the event the amazing Underdogs!

Just Giving

Want to know how much we`ve raised so far?
follow this link


Legacy of the 80`s

Tickets are limited and selling fast :) Get someone (or yourselves) a nice little stocking filler, only £5!!
(This party is over and has been lots of fun. Thank you all! and get your Legacy Festival tickets here!)

It`s been a while since we posted anything but rest assured next years festival is coming together :) We are working on a brand new website and hopefully you will be able to buy tickets in time for Christmas presents :D Love to you all x x x

So almost finished work on 2017 and wondering what people might want to add or change for 2018?

money raised: £3745.25
it was a rainy festival.

£4226.33 raised at our very first festival, organised in 4 months when everyone said we couldn`t do it let alone make a profit :)

the force a-walk-ens


Lloyds friends walked from winchester to Southampton dressed as star wars characters and raised over 2 thousand pounds.

Just Giving



Money raised so far for Braintrust


In May 2016 London Thames Valley VW club donated £1500 pounds raised at their fantastic show Dubs at the Park


Lloyd`s favourite number was 22
fundraising for Lloyd`s Legacy

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