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As the festival organisers are dog lovers and owners we are making the festival as dog friendly as possible whilst adhering to health and safety and insurance rules and conditions.

We had a few dogs on site on our first year, all of which were very well behaved, the biggest issue was there is very little shade on the site and if we have the same glorious weather please consider bringing shade for your dog. There is also a river 100 yards away that you can cool down in should you need too.

Parents please ask permission from the owner if it’s ok for your child to stroke a dog and beware dogs can be unpredictable especially in hot weather; you are ultimately responsible for your child’s safety.

Expected behaviour of dog owners at the festival:

- Keep your dog on a lead and under control, with a responsible adult holding the lead, at all times in public areas of the festival site. There are public footpaths around the edges of the site, where well-behaved dogs can be let off their leads for a run.
- Pick up your dog`s mess. There will be scoop bags available at the entrance. Please take these bags home with you or place in the designated dog poo bin.
- Pay attention to the needs of your dog and other festival-goers. Some people are afraid of dogs: please respect this. Be aware that not everyone loves your dog as much as you do!
- Liaise with our staff at the entrance if you witness a stray dog or a dog under insufficient control on the site.

Behaviour which will result in forfeit of your ticket:

- Owner allowing a dog to wander loose within the festival site.
- Owner not responsibly disposing of their dog`s mess.
- Owner not looking after their dog, resulting in festival crew having to manage the dog.

We will not admit dogs so designated in the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. In the unlikely event of injury or damage being caused by a dog, this will be the liability of the owner. We reserve the right to ask for the removal of any `Out of Control` dog from the event site.

Your dog will be deemed `Out of Control` if it: injures someone; injures someone`s animal; makes someone worried that it might injure them; or makes someone worried that your dog might injure them if they try to stop it attacking their animal.

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