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We want you to enjoy the festival but please be respectful to each other and the environment. Remember - Highbridge is a working farm; if a gate is closed it is supposed to be. The River Itchen runs through the meadow behind the field and the Itchen Navigation Canal is towards the rail line.

Please keep an eye on your children and be aware of barbed wire fencing.

`Rules are meant to be broken` does not apply to the following ...

1. Please keep the field tidy and take your rubbish home.
2. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times, please see dog bye laws at the gate and on our web page. There are lovely walks along the river just 100 yards down the road towards the train line where they can be let off to run and play in the river if you don`t mind the smell of wet dog :)
3. No campfires or Chinese lanterns. No helium balloons, not just because of the flight path, helium is a limited resource, which is running out and is needed for medical equipment such as MRI scanners. BBQ`s are permitted if kept off the ground and a means of extinguishing them such as water, sand etc. is available.
4. All cooking must be done using gas and must not damage the field.
5. Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated; this includes loud music when others are trying to sleep at night. Please respect the quiet area and young families trying to sleep.
6. No driving on the site except for entry and exit.

Have a Happy, Healthy Summer and Travel Safe! x x x